Buy Kitchen accessories

How To Buy Kitchen Accessories and Hardware

Accessories for the kitchen can be replacement or extra parts for appliances, such as a refrigerator's water filter or spare trash compactor bags. Appliances themselves, examples being espresso machines and stand mixers, may also be considered kitchen accessories, as can decorative pieces for the room. Depending on the type of accessory you want, you may need to know the model number of your appliance or buy accessories based on a pattern or theme. Try these steps to buy kitchen accessories.


Know the model number of your appliance. This can help you find the specific part(s) you need for your kitchen appliance(s).

Try looking inside a door of a major appliance or on the bottom of a counter-top appliance to find its model number. The number may be printed on an adhesive label.


Visit the manufacturer's website or online store   for your appliance. Find its "Accessories" webpage if needed. Search for the model number of your appliance if possible. o Indicate the style of your specific appliance, if necessary, to find the correct accessories. For refrigerator parts, for example, you may need to specify.


Consider getting appliances that combine functions. These will save room in the kitchen and be less expensive than buying the appliances separately. An example is a combination coffee and espresso maker.